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„What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

My name is Oana Ratiu, and I would love to share my story with you, in a few words.

Wherever life has taken me, I have learned the wisdom of this quote in various ways. My early readings already arose my interest towards inner Greatness, which, however quietly but ceaselessly encourages and invites us to discover it.

Finding my personal purpose in life to serve and support You, was a direct consequence of a deeper understanding of my own self. I have traveled all over the world and participated in the trainings of world-famous masters—to learn about myself, about what really means to be Human Being, and about happy life. I have had a strong desire to transform the results of painful life events from my past which drastically diverted my energies and my attention from Life itself and throughout my own process, and learning years I realized that when practical and easy-to-use techniques were practiced consistently as a daily routine lengthy and sustainable change can be achieved.

I deeply believe the result of my inward journey and learnings of the last nearly two decades is here, ready to support you on your own journey with these practical yet very effective modalities. I am here to support and hold the space for you. Together we can find the best way that takes you where you want to go, without unnecessary bypasses.

I wholeheartedly welcome You on this adventure and I feel honoured to walk along your side on your journey.

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When you feel ready to find the way back to your real limitless self, let’s have a free 30 min. initial online conversation, where we can talk about what mostly matters to you and find the best way I can support you on your journey.

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